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Wedding Ceremonies


Wedding ceremonies are joyous and symbolic celebrations that unite couples in matrimony. Your ceremonies will reflect your values and may include religious rites or non-religious personal stories, cultural customs, and/or personal touches. Shared with family and friends, weddings signify commitment, love, and the beginning of a new chapter in your journey together.

Wedding Vow Renewals

Vow Renewals

A vow renewal ceremony is a beautiful way to mark an anniversary and allows you to create a ceremony in any location you wish – from your back garden to the Cliffs of Moher! It can be a small intimate gathering with readings and music – or it could be a full blown wedding ceremony as you reaffirm your vows to each other in a loving and joyful space.

Baby Naming Ceremony

Baby Naming

Baby naming ceremonies are unique, personalised and will leave cherished memories with you and all your guests. The focus is on the child with blessings and good wishes that family and friends bestow onto the baby. You can incorporate music, readings, grandparents and big brothers and sisters into the ceremony making it a truly family celebration. You can introduce your new family member to the world with happiness, joy (a few tears!) and love.


Funeral ceremonies provide loved ones a time and a place to remember loved ones. It provides a safe place for grieving, offering solace to bereaved friends and family, and an opportunity to honour the life of the deceased. Funeral allow you to express your emotions openly and share your memories. They provide a collective space for reflection, support, and unity, fostering a sense of closure and continuity for the community.



I love hearing from couples who are planning their ceremony and I like to get involved early if possible.

Barbara Ryan - Wedding Celebrant